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Foresight Home Thermal Audit

FLUKE TiR Thermal Image cameraInfrared Thermal Inspection technology is the best application for inspecting homes for energy loss today. The equipment used is a FLUKE TiR camera with it's high resolution and picture in picture quickly finds loose heating/air condition duct work, missing or fallen down insulation, moisture problems, air leaks in windows, doors with a non-invasive method of diagnostic. Thermal Image inspection is one of the most advanced methods of inspection today.

See sample inspection.

Have your home inspected today and start saving money. As with any inspection there is no guarantee, but doing nothing is worse.

After have your Infrared thermal inspection and complete the repairs "many you could do yourself" you can't go wrong.

The cost of the inspection varies from home to home but when you see the report it will most likely pay for itself the first years with the cost of electric and gas going up every month.

For more information no the use of Infrared Thermography, go to:

More information from the US Dept of Energy.

Call today (423) 292-4031 and set up an appointment!

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluation conditions below the surface.

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