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Foresight Home Inspection is a full service inspection company. Radon testing, Mold testing, Thermal Image Inspection. 

Buying a house can be stressful and requires countless important decisions. When you find a house you should hire a thorough home inspector to inspect the condition of the home and give you a detailed home inspection report. Hiring a home inspector is a wise decision, even when buying a newly constructed home. Having a detailed home inspection report before you move in, will prepare you for any potential problems and set your mind at ease.

Our reports are detailed and cover roofing, structural, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning/heating system, and much more.
Click here to see a sample report (PDF)

A professional Home Inspection is also very valuable for home sellers. By getting a home inspection before putting your house on the market you can get a better understanding of the condition of your home before putting out the for sale sign. This will make the selling process easier.

Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify. Also a specialist in infrared thermal image inspection.

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Mike Ruffing. Thermal Image Inspection Specialist on Active Rain

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